Riococo PCM Grow Bags

Riococo PCM Grow Bags are used in various hydroponic settings. They are a special blend of our 100% Organic certified Coco Coir. The material is triple washed, not buffered, which allows the Coco Coir to be cleaned, sterilized, and EC and Sodium content lowered all while keeping natural occurring positive beneficial (i.e. Trichoderma (for healthy root development) and Mycorrhiza (for faster development and increased growth rates), stay in the coir and do not have to be added.

Typical Hydroponic Methods:
  1. Sea of Green (Photos below)
  2. Commercial Hydroponic Growers (i.e Setup similar to Tomatoes, Florwers, etc.)
Typical sizes of the PCM Growbags:
  1. 100x15x10cm (15L), carried in stock
  2. 100x15x12cm (18L), carried in stock
  3. 50x15x10cm (7.5L), back ordered (60 day window)
Custom sizes available on 20 or 40ft containers.

Sea of Green Method, in California:

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